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The Three Phases of Addiction

Now that we understand how addiction works in the brain and what the symptoms of untreated addiction are, let’s look at people’s experience at different periods of their disease. Remember, this is a chronic disease, so there is never a time when an individual is disease-free. Depending on how well a person (with the aid of their support system) is managing their disease, they … Read More The Three Phases of Addiction

Symptoms of Untreated Addiction

“The use of substances or compulsive behaviors is not the cause of addiction. These are, simply, unsustainable attempts at symptom suppression. Managing the underlying symptoms is the key to recovery.” Now that we know how addiction works in the midbrain, let’s explore the symptoms of untreated addiction. When people have untreated addiction, they experience some or all of the following symptoms: Inability to focus … Read More Symptoms of Untreated Addiction

Addiction is a Brain Disease

“The Survival/Reward system of the midbrain is very effective at prompting us to do things that will ensure our survival . . . when it works. When this system is broken, we call it addiction.”   In previous posts, we discussed how addiction is a chronic and progressive disease. Now, let’s spend the next several posts exploring how addiction works in the brain. Addiction … Read More Addiction is a Brain Disease

The Progressive Nature of Addiction

What is addiction? Part 3 In my first two posts we discussed how addiction is a chronic, primary disease. We are now going to discuss the progressive nature of addiction. Simply put, if allowed to remain active, the effects of addiction will get more severe over time. This is true of most chronic diseases. Let’s look back at our example of type 1 diabetes. … Read More The Progressive Nature of Addiction

What is Addiction? Part 2

In my previous post, I began a discussion on the ASAM definition of addiction, and its nature as a primary disease, which means it can manifest in the body without any other accompanying disorders. The second characteristic of addiction is that it is a chronic disease. There are two types of medical conditions: chronic and acute. Chronic conditions are long-term and persistent, and there … Read More What is Addiction? Part 2

My name is John Antonucci, and I have been in long-term recovery since March 18, 2006. If you follow my posts you will learn the details of my journey into recovery, and discoveries I have made along the way. I have been working in the addiction treatment field since 2007. Currently I am a Master’s student in University of New Orleans’ Counseling Program; expected … Read More